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Charms and Questions // Abaddon & Dean


Dean stepped into the Professor’s office, trying desperately not to look intimidated. He knew from her classes that she could practically smell fear. But Gryffindors were supposed to me fearless, and Dean would NOT lose!

"Well Professor," Dean said as calmly as possible. “I need help with a Charm— and I can’t ask just any teacher to help. This has to be from the charms professor. Otherwise I’ll totally screw up in the dueling club." He smiled weakly, trying to make her understand. It wasn’t time to bring up the real issue yet— about Sam and about the Men of Letters. He had to make conversation first, and gain the Professor’s trust. Or at least get her to treat him civilly.

She sat on the desk and heard him carefully “I wanted to be the defense against the dark arts teacher, but you know, Crowley got it first” She said finally smiling bitterly, it was a well known fact that she hated Crowley, the old guy stole the job that she wanted and he was half prepared in comparision with her “so… tell me, what charm is causing you trouble” 

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Winter Wonderland // Chuck & Abaddon


Chuck hadn’t meant to make Abaddon uncomfortable with his question, he was simply trying to make conversation. Something that, admittedly, he was not so good at. Still, Abaddon was smiling, so maybe he hadn’t made too much of an error. 

"Um, alright. That sounds fair. Would you like to start?"

Chuck smiled back shyly as they continued to dance. 

Abaddon laughed a little “Good one. Did you wanted to be the headmaster?” light questions first, that was always the way.

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Sarah tilted her head, trying to process the information. “You mean…manipulate people?” It sounded bad to her. It wasn’t as if she was averse to conning people (she had proven that in the last month or so) but for some reason she didn’t like the sound of this.

"Is not that bad if your intentions are good" She said smiling "I figured you wanted an honest answer, Mrs. Blake" She picked up some papers that were in her desk "Or you could still try being yourself… see how that goes, it never worked for me" Poor girl, still doesn’t know how bad the world gets. “And I’m not saying fake it always… young people tend to be quite mean, I just want you to…diminish bad expiriences”

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Charmed // Sarah & Abbadon


Sarah blinked slightly. “So… What you’re saying, is that I should pretend that people like me? I…I guess that makes sense.” Professor Emerald probably knew best, of course. 

"No… what I meant was…" She stopped to analyze how to explain "When I was at Hogwarts I found out on my early years that I had an…aggresive personality. To be quite honest, people didn’t liked me for who I was, or trusted me, besides, being a slytherin, and with the attention on that Potter boy…and Voldemort, well… hate was among us…" Abaddon looked to the floor trying to appear sad "So i decided that a little acting never hurt nobody… and started giving people what they wanted in a friendship"

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Winter Wonderland // Chuck & Abaddon


Chuck felt embarrassed and slightly stupid that he had not known what she meant. “Oh, of course!”

Trying not to be too nervous, Chuck smiled and took Abaddon’s hand, leading her out onto the floor. 

Uncomfortable with the silence, Chuck felt the need to chat as they started to dance. “I don’t believe we’ve talked much before, have we Ms. Emerald? I’m afraid to say that I don’t know very much about you, in fact.”

Abaddon smiled mockingly at Chuck’s evident nervousness, but didn’t let him noticed it. She took his hand and started dancing slowly, she put her cheek on his shoulder “Not so many people does. And please called me Abaddon, we can ditch the formalities… if you want to” She sighed. Abaddon didn’t liked being asked about her life, that required planning what to say and what not to say, but this was important for her, so Abaddon, let him, dig more, even if it was all lies. She faced him again “let’s play a game. You ask me something, I might or might not answer you, but I have to finished my sentence with a question too, it’s also up to you if you want to answer. Are you ready?” She gave him a side smile, charmingly

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Charms and Questions // Abaddon & Dean


Dean took a deep breath. He wasn’t going to show weakness in front of a teacher. He was a student and she couldn’t do anything to him that would be considered insanely unfair. Right?

“Professor…” Dean straightened his back and balled his fists and looked her directly in the eye. “I need help with a charm.”

"I won’t lie… I’m very confused as why you chose, among all people here… to ask  me. But as I’m a professor then I guess I’ll have to help you. Mr. Winchester" She said visibly perplexed and practically spitting with disdain those last words. "Please come in"

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Chaperones // Abaddon & Eve


Smiling, Eve nodded, gently holding Abaddon’s hand out as they stood in a dancing pose, swaying a little.


“I agree, it may taste better with a hint of Vodka, what do you say?”

While she was dancing Abaddon opened her purse and took a leather hip then she poured the content in Eve’s glass of eggnog “This is some of my personal stash… not that thing Patrick is giving to his classmates… isn’t it funny?, how they are so sure that we don’t know?”

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Winter Wonderland // Chuck & Abaddon


Chuck jumped slightly when Abaddon dropped something. “Oh, let me get that fo-“

Blushing, Chuck coughed politely and looked away as Abaddon stood back up from bending over. 


“I, uh, I, um… what?”

Abaddon smiled -Mission accomplished- “Would you… I don’t know…dance with me?”

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Charms and Questions // Abaddon & Dean


None of Dean’s friends or classmates were available to help him today, all of them preparing their own spells for the dueling club or catching up on homework. Dean sighed and realized with a creeping feeling of dread in his stomach that he’d have to ask the Charm’s professor to help him with the Confundus Charm.

Dean knocked lightly, on Professor Emerald’s door, hoping she wasn’t in, but knowing she was his only hope right now.

Abaddon was reading some essays the students had made… they were, to say least, horrifying, when suddenly a knock in her office door made her jump, she answered to face the annoying gryffindor she hated the most

"What do you want, Winchester?"

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Winter Wonderland // Chuck & Abaddon


“Oh I’m not sure if I’m that much of a people person Ms Emerald.”


“You know you can talk to me any time, dear. What’s on your mind?”

"Ok… then… maybe I’m just too shy to talk to you… I’m not usually like this you know?" She said smiling akwardly, then she let something she had on her hands fell to the floor, she bent over just enough to try to seduce the guy…


"Well… maybe you haven’t noticed me, but… are you really going to make me ask?"

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